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Volunteer Spotlight Series: Nancie Bourne

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The Nathaniel Witherell’s longest tenured volunteer, Greenwich resident Nancie Bourne began helping out here 35 years ago. She’s donated her time to various activities, from sprucing up the grounds as a member of the local Green Fingers Garden Club to running the Auxiliary (which merged with the Friends of Nathaniel Witherell in 2007). For the…

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Why Neurological Rehabilitation Is So Effective at The Nathaniel Witherell

Neurological Rehab | 0 comments | by supermaster

The nervous system, made up of the brain, spine, and nerves, coordinates our movements, thoughts, and sensations. It not only transmits the messages from our brains to our arms and legs so that we can move them, it also controls breathing, memory, and just about everything that keeps us interacting well with the rest of…

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Witherell Resident Spotlight: Ruth Albert

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Some very interesting folks with fascinating personal stories reside at The Nathaniel Witherell. Every few weeks, Witherell features a new “Resident Spotlight” article, which is framed and found on the wall by the chapel foyer. From time to time, we’d like to share some of these stories with you on the blog. Below is our…

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