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Deciding on Skilled Nursing Care? Make Peace of Mind Your #1 Criterion

Alzheimer's | 0 comments | by Harrison Edwards

Deciding to move a family member into a skilled nursing facility can be emotionally trying. Adult children can feel guilty about not being able to care for their parents at home, or they fear their parents won’t be cared for properly. Financial considerations also complicate matters, particularly when children worry their parents’ assets won’t cover…

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Ice Cream for All! One Family’s Generosity Melts Our Hearts

Culture | 0 comments | by Harrison Edwards

There are many ways our supporters give back to the Witherell: some donate time, some donate money, and others, well…they donate time, money, and ice cream! It’s been a long-standing Brennan family tradition to “treat” our residents to an annual visit from the Phil & Tom Good Humor Ice Cream truck. Dennis Brennan, a former…

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