Ice Cream for All! One Family’s Generosity Melts Our Hearts

There are many ways our supporters give back to the Witherell: some donate time, some donate money, and others, well…they donate time, money, and ice cream!

It’s been a long-standing Brennan family tradition to “treat” our residents to an annual visit from the Phil & Tom Good Humor Ice Cream truck. Dennis Brennan, a former president of the Witherell Auxiliary, and his wife, Jean, a long-time Witherell volunteer, came up with the idea many years ago: to host an ice cream day annually for our residents, guests, and staff, so all can enjoy a cone, bar, or pop. Over the years, the truck visit evolved into a full-blown ice cream party—complete with music and dancing.

After Dennis Brennan’s passing, Jean continued to host the treasured event. Then, after Jean passed in 2014, both Brennan daughters, Denise and Carol, were happy to continue on in their parents’ memory.

The truck rolled up to our historic grounds on Tuesday, September 12th, and the iconic Good Humor Truck chime told us that the party was about to start! This year, residents and guests enjoyed their treats in our new Friendship Garden, the perfect place to remember Dennis and Jean Brennan, good friends to the Nathaniel Witherell for so many years.

Thanks so much to Denise and Carol for their continued generosity and for giving us all a chance to celebrate the end of summer. The annual Brennan ice cream party is a cool tradition, and your kindness melts our hearts!


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