To Boost the Elderly’s Spirits, The Nathaniel Witherell Calls in the Glam Squad!

A treasured routine, like a weekly hair appointment—often helps define an elderly person’s memories of their former life. And if they live at a skilled nursing facility, that old routine becomes even more important. The Nathaniel Witherell in Greenwich has made that a priority. To do so, they’ve called in the “Glam Squad.”

The Glam Squad is an amazing group of Witherell volunteers who come together every day to bring a taste of the outside in – (and a little glamour) to resident’s lives.

The group is comprised of a salon owner and six accomplished women who now devote their time to helping the elderly feel valued, pampered, and beautiful. They do this at Joanne’s Hair Salon, located right on the Witherell premises.

Salon owner Joanne Maciejewski and her team tend to a steady stream of both female and male customers. Some come for a cut and color, others a manicure, but all come for the jokes and camaraderie that make the place a haven. According to Joanne, what residents receive at Joanne’s Hair Salon is priceless.

“What does it mean to someone to have a shampoo when you feel down or are not feeling well?” she asks. As she describes it, residents will even linger under the dryer, enjoying the easy banter and esprit de corps of the salon.

The salon volunteers are a tight knit group that enjoys spending time together, both in the salon and out. The volunteer team includes Nancy Gillon, Pat Young, Eileen Raucci, Peg Yantorno, Camille Rorant, and Rosemary Harvey. Each assists with salon operations in their own way, whether it’s answering phones, arranging appointments, transporting residents, or helping prep residents for the professional services they’ll receive from Joanne. When the salon volunteers see how great the residents look and feel at the end of their visit, it’s especially rewarding.

According to Justine Vaccaro, director of social work, the salon is an important feature of the Witherell. “When our residents feel good emotionally, that benefits their overall health. When you look good, you feel good,” she says.

Thanks, ladies, for your hard work, dedication, and devotion to the residents of Nathaniel Witherell!


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