The Witherell Adds New Physiatrist Service to Enhance Recovery and Well-Being

A “physiatrist” is a physician not be confused with a “psychiatrist” or a “physicist.” A physiatrist is a doctor who helps patients recover faster from an injury or surgery by maximizing their physical and psychological potential. They use a variety of techniques to help minimize pain that can include exercise, injections, medication, prosthetics, physical therapy and devices.

Now, our short and long term residents will receive this expert care.

“We’re so fortunate to be able to offer this important service to our residents,” says Allen Brown, Executive Director at the Witherell. “Chronic pain can be a barrier to recovery. Physiatrists are skilled at developing a regimen that puts the needs of the patient first. Having a dedicated physiatrist on staff is part of our ongoing commitment to deliver the best care to everyone at the Witherell.”

The Witherell is teaming up with National Health Rehabilitation, a national organization of affiliated physiatrists, to give Witherell residents consistent access to services. NHR physiatrists are board certified physicians who specialize in maximizing patients’ function and independence. Dr. Laura Gruber is the Witherell’s assigned physiatrist, taking over for Dr. Amishi Dharia who established the program at the Witherell. Dr. Gruber will consult on all short-term rehabilitation residents’ care and will see long-term care residents as needed.

“We take an individualized approach,” explains Dr. Dharia. “We focus on pain management and making sure that all the patients are optimized so they can have a safe discharge plan. We try to reduce any reliance and need for narcotics, and work with the physical therapy team to make sure every resident is progressing in the best way possible.”

Welcome aboard team!

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