Visiting a Skilled Nursing Facility? Here’s What to Know

Visitors are always welcome at the Nathaniel Witherell. Not a surprise, since the Witherell is home to many spunky, creative, dynamic seniors who love spending time with people and pets. That’s why we regularly roll out the red carpet and host events that involve family and friends.

First-timers to our campus may not know what to expect at a skilled nursing facility. Even veteran visitors may wonder how to make their visits even more enjoyable. To help both, we’ve assembled tips from our seasoned staff on what to know and do when coming for a visit. It’s our hope that this advice will help everyone get the most out of their time together.

  • Bring good health: Many elderly have compromised immune systems due to medical conditions or medications they may be taking. So, if you’re ill, call or video chat rather than be here in person. If possible, get vaccinated for flu every fall.
  • Bring good cheer: Resist the urge to fall into negative family patterns, like complaining about other family members, work, or money stresses. Positive, lively conversations help boost mood, which can impact overall health.
  • Bring games: There’s plenty to do at the Witherell, but if your loved one has a favorite game or activity from home, by all means bring it along to play. We have game tables and plenty of additional players here who would welcome the challenge of learning something new.
  • Bring favorite treats (up to a point): If your loved one has a favorite treat, we’re happy to have them enjoy it during your visit. However, please make sure that whatever you bring conforms to their dietary restrictions. Before sharing treats with other residents, always check with our staff first.

It’s also a good idea to consult with your loved one on the best time for your visit so as not to interfere with rest time or any planned activity they want to participate in solo. And, your loved one can tell you if they prefer individual visits, or if the whole family can come. As always, the Witherell’s staff is here to advise and answer any questions that may come up. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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