What Retirement? The Witherell is Buzzing with Activity!

Some seniors dread retirement, envisioning unstructured days with not much to do. At the Witherell, our golden years are just that—a priceless time to pursue new activities and socialize with friends.

Our robust monthly calendar of therapeutic recreation programs means that days are filled with fun and excitement. And, no two days are the same! Every month, our team is hard at work developing new and unique programs that keep our residents engaged, active, and healthy.

“We offer art and music programs, fitness classes, games, lectures, flower arranging, religious services, movies, technology training, TED Talks, and much more,” notes Carissa Ronish, Therapeutic Recreation Administrator. “Our programs reflect a wide range of interests and provide physical, mental, and social stimulation which offers proven health benefits.”

Take a look at our February calendar and these photos of residents enjoying activities to see why life is good at the Witherell. Family and friends are always welcome to join in!

Resident Carolyn Moynihan plays the piano

Resident Susan Pia visits with Father Ian Jeremiah

Resident Marge Wheat with volunteer Joseph Farrell

Residents George Rozsa and Nola Larkin with Vincent Galizi, recreation/music therapist

ResidentsFrancis Carino with her flower arrangement and Michael Thorn at a painting class

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