Pooches on Parade: a Spring Tradition at the Witherell!

Spring is one of our favorite seasons at the Witherell. The Rose Garden is in bloom, the days are longer and milder, and the pups—well, if it’s spring, it must mean they’re on parade!

On Friday, May 3rd, we once again kicked off a new season with our heartwarming, tail-wagging Pooches on Parade event. It was a hit! It engaged our residents and brought them lots of joy.

Many thanks to our volunteer Pet Club, a dedicated team of wonderful humans and their furry companions that make these pet therapy events possible. Greenwich resident Lisa Wysocki started the Pet Club about 8 years ago. She and her cat, Socks, visit our Witherell residents often. Joining them are Susie O’Leary with her sweet dog, Finn. Lisa and Susie also bring along other pet owners, like the ones pictured here.

Pet therapy is more than just a charming activity. The therapeutic benefits of interacting with pets are proven. Animals lower people’s stress levels, encourage socialization and communication, and bring joy. Just look at all the smiles here!

If you have a well-behaved pet that you’d like to bring to the Witherell, contact our volunteer coordinator, Mary Tate at [email protected] or call 203.618.4200.

Here, NW Resident Elizabeth Kutzschbach gets a kiss from Penny the pooch.

NW Resident Frances Carino spends time with a pup named Jean Pierre.

A Golden Retriever named Lucy greets NW residents.


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