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Oh, The Places We Go!

Culture | 0 comments | by Harrison Edwards

The Witherell is known for its beautiful historic buildings and lovely 20-acre campus, a peaceful place our residents are proud to call home. But, we also love to hit the road! Under the direction of our therapeutic recreation department, our residents are often out and about in the community and beyond. During the summer, we…

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Concerned About Memory Loss? Try These Strategies to Stay Sharp.

Alzheimer's | 0 comments | by Harrison Edwards

Building memory muscle to reduce memory loss as you age is as important as keeping physically fit. Recently, the Mayo Clinic identified important activities to build that memory muscle. Here, we’ve combined the Mayo’s wisdom with insight from our own therapeutic recreation department to give you strategies you can use to keep your mind sharp….

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We’ve Got Jane Brody on the Brain

Events | 0 comments | by Harrison Edwards

Forget your keys? Struggling to recall a name? Having memory lapses? As we age, these are typical experiences, but they don’t necessarily mean you have dementia. According to Jane Brody, long-time Personal Health Columnist for The New York Times, they are just symptomatic of a changing brain, which naturally occurs with age. She thinks, therefore,…

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