Oh, The Places We Go!

The Witherell is known for its beautiful historic buildings and lovely 20-acre campus, a peaceful place our residents are proud to call home. But, we also love to hit the road! Under the direction of our therapeutic recreation department, our residents are often out and about in the community and beyond.

During the summer, we visited a nursery to stop and smell the roses, and we put our toes in the sand at Tod’s Point beach. Upcoming outings include a trip to a movie theater, St. Mary’s Mass and luncheon, and a little pre-holiday shopping at the Christmas Tree Shop.

“We try to offer outings that appeal to a range of interests,” says Carissa Ronish, the Witherell’s therapeutic recreation administrator. “Whether it’s an opportunity to try a new restaurant, enjoy a day at the beach or a little retail therapy, our outings give our residents an opportunity to socialize with their peers and a nice change of pace.”

Have a look at some photos of recent summer trips. A big thanks to our community partners who make our trips a true VIP experience!

Sam’s Bridge Nursery in Greenwich hosted our residents recently so we could enjoy flowers in spectacular bloom!

We also spent a wonderful sunny day at Tod’s Point in Greenwich this summer.

And our Men’s Club enjoyed some male bonding on a recent outing to Pasquale’s Italian restaurant in Port Chester.

For more information on trips or activities, check our monthly calendar. If you’ve got an interesting location and would like to host a visit from the residents of The Nathaniel Witherell, contact Carissa Ronish at (203) 618-4205.

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