Q. Does Witherell provide short-term rehab?

A. Yes. The Nathaniel Witherell provides a distinct short-term rehab program. Approximately 90% of admissions come for short-term rehab following a hospital stay. Short-term rehab candidates are prioritized for admission and may range in age from 40 years to advanced ages. The Admissions staff is available six days a week to help expedite the admissions process. Short-term admissions may be accommodated within several hours. For more information, click here or call 203-618-4232.


Q. Who pays for short-term rehab?

A. Typically, short-term rehab candidates are admitted directly from a hospital. Nathaniel Witherell verifies all insurance benefits prior to admission to determine the primary, secondary and/or supplemental coverage. When a commercial insurance is primary, prior to admission, the hospital facilitates can authorization for the insurance company to pay for a specific length of stay. When Medicare is primary, a three-night “qualifying hospital stay” entitles the patient up to 100 days rehab in a sub-acute/skilled nursing rehab center. As long as an individual continues to make improvement, Medicare will pay 100% for the first 20 days. On days 21-100, as long as the individual continues to meet the Medicare criteria, Medicare will pay all but $161 per day (Note: all 100 days are not fully guaranteed). Many Medicare recipients have a supplemental insurance that covers the co-pay amount.


Q. Who pays for long-term care in a skilled nursing center?

A. Long-term care in a skilled nursing center is paid for with private resources, long-term care insurance, or CT State Medicaid. Although not all Skilled Nursing Centers are enrolled in the CT Medicaid Program, Nathaniel Witherell does participate in that program.


Q. Is there a waiting list?

A. “The short answer is yes, CT State Statues regulate waiting list laws that were implemented years ago when the availability of beds was limited. Today, for the most part, Nathaniel Witherell is able to accommodate any applicant’s needs. Many rehab candidates opt to pre-register for short-term rehab prior to elective surgery. This affords an opportunity to meet with staff, tour the facility, and secure not only a rehab bed but also confidence in their rehab program of choice.


Q. Is The Nathaniel Witherell for Greenwich residents only?

A. The original charter for Nathaniel Witherell includes a mission to provide services to Greenwich residents. However, this practice is not to the exclusion of other residents.


Q. Why should The Nathaniel Witherell be considered the finest Short-term Rehab and Skilled Nursing Care?

A. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rates nursing homes across the nation based on objective factors that include (a) results of a facility’s annual State licensing survey, (b) its staffing levels, and (c) its quality measures (quality measure are uniform and consistent across the country). Based on these factors, CMS rates every nursing home on a 5-point scale, with 5 being the highest rating possible and 1 being the lowest. Each point is assigned a star rating, thus the highest rated homes are 5-star facilities and the lowest receive 1-star ratings. The Nathaniel Witherell has had a 5-star facility rating, achieved by only 22% of the nation’s nursing homes. More at: www.medicare.gov

The longevity of our staff speaks clearly to the fact that employees are satisfied working for The Town of Greenwich. The Nathaniel Witherell provides consistent staff assignments for the duration of each resident’s length of stay. This enhances not only the rapport the residents and staff enjoy but promotes job satisfaction. It assures accountability and significantly impacts the quality of care. Changes, however subtle, are addressed in a timely fashion because our staff knows the residents. Timely medical interventions reduce medical complications, falls and other injuries and the need for hospitalization.


Q. If I contact you via email, who will see it?

A. Your email will be considered confidential. Your address is used solely by the Admissions Staff.