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Gardens and Grounds

The Nathaniel Witherell is fortunate to be located on over 20 beautiful acres replete with gardens, open spaces, and wooded areas. Witherell’s gardens and grounds afford residents and visitors alike the pleasure of and access to nature’s bounty.

Situated at the center of the facility, Nathaniel Witherell’s Friendship Garden is specifically designed to enhance residents’ sensory perception by providing plantings that change with the seasons and stimulate their senses. This is especially important for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. There are also paths for walking, and residents and guests can view the garden from an outdoor deck connected to Café Witherell.

Located on the south end of Nathaniel Witherell’s campus, the Rose Garden is another lovely and serene place, used by residents and their families during three seasons of the year (spring through autumn). In the summer months, the Rose Garden is also used for weekly summer barbecues for the residents and their families.