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Witherell’s origins go back to 1903 when Robert Bruce conveyed nine acres of land and four buildings on Parsonage Road to the Town of Greenwich It was called Greenwich Hospital and was dedicated to the treatment of contagious diseases. In 1917 the “new” Greenwich hospital was established on Perryridge Road and the facility on Parsonage Road was renamed The Municipal Hospital. As medical advances slowly eradicated chronic diseases like TB, Diphtheria, Scarlet Fever and Small pox, the facility adjusted to the needs of the Town and today is a rehab and skilled nursing center caring for the elderly in our Town when living at home is no longer an option, and providing state-of-the-art short-term rehabilitation for those on the mend

Faces of Witherell

Fredson Hamlet

Fredson Hamlet

Food Service Worker
A cherished Witherell employee for the past 32 years, Fredson is a past recipient of the "Outstanding Team Player Award" from the Town of Greenwich for his great service.