How do I get in?

Admissions to the short-term rehab and nursing center can be accomplished seven days a week. If desired, we can provide family counseling relative to the admissions process.

Because the Witherell is owned by the Town of Greenwich, Greenwich residents have admission priority.  However, we do not want to exclude anyone if at all possible. Happily, we have mostly been able to accommodate all requests for short-term rehab referrals.

The Witherell accepts Medicare and has contracts with a majority of commercial insurance providers. About 90% of our admissions are for short-term rehab. Typically, these admissions come directly from a hospital.

We recommend that you contact our admissions staff directly to arrange for a tour or telephone interview to review the hospitalized individual’s situation and complete an application. We work directly with hospitals to obtain clinical information and do a needs assessment.

If long-term care is being considered, we like to meet with the prospective residents’ families. An application is required for admission. We are frequently asked, “Do you have a waiting list?” The short answer is yes, but this should not discourage an applicant from pursuing admission. Witherell is able to respond to the majority of those with long-term needs. Therefore, we do recommend filing an application prior to need. If an applicant’s resources are depleted, we accept Connecticut Medicaid.

George Cossifos, Director of Admissions – 203-618-4232
Nicole Roselle-Smith, Admissions Manager – 203-618-4314
Ann Callahan, Admissions Representative – 203-413-6812


For more information or to schedule a tour or a consultation please use the form below:

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