Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service for Fairfield and Westchester Counties

If you’ve suffered from a heart attack or congestive heart failure, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, asthma; or had heart valve surgery, coronary bypass surgery, lung cancer or other coronary or pulmonary disease, we can help you recuperate and reach the best possible level of function. 

A program will be tailored to your condition and needs. It can include physical therapy, nutritional counseling, and occupational therapy to help you reach the best possible level of function to help prevent future disability and hospitalization, and  improve your quality of life.  

You will benefit from the multidisciplinary care provided by our team of expertly trained professionals – whether they be physical therapists, dieticians, social workers, or physicians – who are in constant communication, and carefully assess your condition and progress. 

In cardiac/pulmonary rehab, we strive to improve your

  • strength and endurance
  • breathing
  • ease in performing daily activity
  • nutrition
  • knowledge about maintaining healthy habits 
  • information about using medications appropriately
  • and to reduce any pain you may be experiencing