Therapeutic Recreation

New Programs Help Reduce Hospital Stays and Re-Admissions

Leadership | 0 comments | by Harrison Edwards

Caring for the elderly presents unique challenges, and keeping our residents out of the hospital, or from being re-admitted after a hospital stay, is our top priority. Recently, we implemented two innovative programs that are already helping us achieve our goal. One is a new Falls Reduction Program and the other is a Respiratory Education…

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Pooches on Parade: a Spring Tradition at the Witherell!

Healthy Aging | 0 comments | by Harrison Edwards

Spring is one of our favorite seasons at the Witherell. The Rose Garden is in bloom, the days are longer and milder, and the pups—well, if it’s spring, it must mean they’re on parade! On Friday, May 3rd, we once again kicked off a new season with our heartwarming, tail-wagging Pooches on Parade event. It…

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Seeing Green! A St. Patrick’s Day Celebration For All

About Us | 0 comments | by Harrison Edwards

Each year around St. Patrick’s Day, everyone at the Witherell—regardless of nationality—delights in a celebration of the music, food, and fun of the Emerald Isle. This year was no exception. Our residents were bedecked in green beads, hats, and crowns to welcome Irish step dancers, bagpipers, bakers, singers, joke tellers, and more at a special…

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What Retirement? The Witherell is Buzzing with Activity!

Culture | 0 comments | by Harrison Edwards

Some seniors dread retirement, envisioning unstructured days with not much to do. At the Witherell, our golden years are just that—a priceless time to pursue new activities and socialize with friends. Our robust monthly calendar of therapeutic recreation programs means that days are filled with fun and excitement. And, no two days are the same!…

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Alzheimer’s Disease: A National Crisis That Requires Community Support

Alzheimer's | 0 comments | by Harrison Edwards

The good news for America’s baby boomers is that they’re living longer. In fact, the 65+ demographic will more than double over the next 40 years, according to recent reports. With longevity on the rise, also comes a rise in those with Alzheimer’s Disease, unfortunately. According to The Alzheimer’s Association, “one in three seniors dies…

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