Nathaniel Witherell will now allow a family member to go to the resident’s room and transport to/from the units for outdoor visits.

MANDATORY– All Families and Visitors MUST appropriately wear masks  at all times while indoors and outdoors.

Protocol for visitors will include: upon arrival in the Lobby, visitors must still have their temperature taken and complete the screening log, the visitor must wear a mask, upon arriving on the unit such visitors must check-in with the floor nurse prior to transporting their loved one off the floor and complete the sign-out log. The resident must wear a mask when leaving the unit.  In-room visits may not exceed 2 visitors per resident.

Upon returning the resident to their room/unit, visitors must again complete the sign-in log with the unit nurse. Visitors must immediately leave the unit and exit the building. Per CMS guidance, visitors should not walk around different halls or areas of the facility.



Visitation Guidance Per CMS

TNW Response to New CMS COVID-19 Guidance

COVID Update


Schedule A Visit

To schedule a visit outdoors, please contact your loved one’s nursing floor to arrange that visit.
Please refer to the TNW Visitation policy for unit phone numbers.