Fine Dining at The Nathaniel Witherell

We have a wide range of always available menus with options available to meet special therapeutic or consistency needs including heart healthy choices for cardiac diets.

Selective Menus

You will receive the option to choose items on our weekly menus created by our Executive Chef or choose from our alternate menu list. A Dining Services representative will visit you within 24 – 48 hours of admission to explain this information.

Nutrition Counseling

A Registered dietician will visit you within 24 – 48 hours of admission and will be able to offer expert advice on your current diet and specific nutrition needs. The dietician works with all clinical disciplines, including your primary physician, to make the best recommendations for your recovery and overall nutritional health.

Guest Trays

Your guests are able to choose from the main menu.

Café Witherell

Our Café offers grab & go salads, grill selections made to order, ice cream and fresh baked cookies. Residents and guests enjoy picnics and barbecues with seating available indoors and outdoors.

Dining Committee

Our dining committee meets every six weeks to discuss additions and improvements in the overall dining experience.