Get Into the Holiday Spirit at The Witherell!

Get Into the Holiday Spirit at The Witherell!

At the Witherell, December is a month unlike any other. It’s a time when our holiday spirit and robust activities calendar rival anything in the community. Friends and family (and pets, too) are always welcome.

Here, we spotlight exciting events and traditions we can’t wait to enjoy:

Performances and Plays
Beautiful music and vocal performances ring through our halls. In December we host junior ensembles, acapella groups, high school carolers, elementary school musical performances, jazz groups, and professional musicians.

The Witherell even stages its own Christmas Pageant featuring Witherell residents. “Music brings everyone together,” says Carissa Ronish, Therapeutic Recreation Administrator. “It’s an important therapeutic tool, and during the holidays, it stimulates wonderful memories for our residents.”

Religious services and celebrations
“We marked the beginning of Hanukkah with our menorah lighting the evening of December 1st, and throughout the month we celebrate Shabbat and offer religious services every week,” notes Carissa.

Movies and Classes
From classics like “Miracle on 34th Street” and “White Christmas” to contemporary films like “The Family Stone,” our residents revel in feel good family films. Also planned are classes in floral arranging with the Greenwich Botanical Center, and art appreciation lectures.

Holiday Celebrations
Our annual resident holiday party is on Saturday, December 15th from 2-4 pm. “It’s always festive and fun,” says Carissa. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for families to enjoy the holidays here with their loved ones.” Also planned for December 31st is an afternoon New Year’s Eve celebration featuring music and refreshments.

All holiday activities are in addition to the Witherell’s regular calendar of activities and entertainment.

“There’s so much to do and experience at the Witherell,” says Carissa. “Joy is an integral part of the culture here, and December is a wonderful time for everyone to experience that firsthand.”

To view the Witherell event calendar for December, click here.

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