Halloween Edition of Pooches on Parade a Spooktacular Success!

When is a dog also a lobster? The answer is at The Nathaniel Witherell’s annual Halloween edition of “Pooches on Parade.” Held on the afternoon of October 31 this year, the ever-popular event attracted 20 four-legged friends, all dressed in creative costumes. The dogs and their human companions mingled with dozens of Witherell residents, family, staff, and volunteers in our spacious auditorium. As befits a Halloween event, some of the dogs did special tricks for their treats! See photos below.

Pooches on Parade is more than Halloween fun, however. It is the formal part of the Witherell’s pet therapy program, according to Sally Van Leeuwen, Witherell’s volunteer coordinator, who notes that the highly anticipated event takes place four times a year. “Witherell also welcomes individual dog and owner teams to come in on a more informal basis and go around the building on their own, coming when it is convenient for them and working it into their own schedules,” she says. “We have regular weekday as well as weekend pet therapy volunteers. Visitors usually spend 30 to 60 minutes going around the building and interacting with any dog lovers they come across. There is even a very special, well-behaved lap cat named Boots, who makes regular visits and brings great joy to the cat lovers among our residents.

For more information on bringing your dog to an upcoming Pooches on Parade and/or becoming a Witherell pet therapy volunteer, please call Sally Van Leeuwen at 203.618.4228 or email her at sallyvanl@live.com.

IMG_5453 (1)

Ruffy, owned by Kay Mondello, came as a lobster.


Rosalind McAstro’s dog, Roman, was dressed up as Superdog.


Erin Kulak’s dog, Prince Harry, was dressed as a football.

IMG_5504 (1)

Donna Webster’s golden retriever Chloe was a natural at working the crowd.

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