Jane Brody, Personal Health Columnist for The New York Times, to Speak at the Friends of Nathaniel Witherell Fall Luncheon

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Jane Brody, Personal Health columnist for The New York Times

From tips on sharpening your memory to advice on reading food labels and coping with arthritic pain, Jane Brody, the Personal Health columnist for The New York Times, has been doling out information to keep her readers in tip-top shape for nearly four decades. Brody’s widely read and quoted column, which appears every Tuesday in The New York Times‘s Science Times section and in scores of other newspapers around the country, earned her the title of “High Priestess of Health” from Time magazine. She is the author of 10 books, including the best sellers Jane Brody’s Nutrition Book and Jane Brody’s Good Food Book. Brody will be the featured speaker at The Friends of Nathaniel Witherell‘s Fall Luncheon at the Round Hill Club in Greenwich, on October 15 at 11:30 am. Proceeds from the event will benefit The Nathaniel Witherell, the highly regarded, short-term rehabilitation and long-term nursing care center owned by the Town of Greenwich.

The Friends of Nathaniel Witherell Fall Luncheon tickets are $200 for a Friend level; $300, Best Friend; and $450, BFF (Best Friends Forever). Luncheon co-chairs are Debby Lash, Lindsay Ormsby, and Karen Sadik-Khan.

Brody has written many magazine articles and lectures frequently on health issues to audiences, both lay and professional. In addition, she has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows throughout the country and has received numerous prestigious awards for journalistic excellence.

And, Brody practices what she preaches. As she notes in her bio, she’s good to her body, fueling it correctly and moving it regularly so that it will continue to be good to her. But while her regular menu focuses on vegetables, fruits, grains, potatoes, beans, and peas, “fleshed” out with low-fat dairy products, fish and shellfish, lean meats and poultry, she is no fanatic. Moderation and variety, not deprivation and denial, are her watchwords.

To keep from “rusting out,” Brody insists on daily physical activity, alternating between walking, cycling, swimming, ice skating, hiking, gardening and cross-country skiing. The result is a woman who is more robust, energetic, youthful, and trim at 70 than she was at 17, she says.

Brody received her B.S. degree in biochemistry from the New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University in 1962 and a master’s degree in science writing from the University of Wisconsin School of Journalism the following year.

She also has honorary doctorates from Hamline University in St. Paul, the State University of New York Health Sciences University, and the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

Among her other books are: Jane Brody’s Good Food Gourmet; Jane Brody’s Good Seafood Book; Jane Brody’s Cold and Flu Fighter, Jane Brody’s Allergy Fighter, The New York Times Book of Health and The New York Times Book of Women’s Health. She is also co-author of The New York Times Guide to Alternative Health. Her newest work, Jane Brody’s Guide to the Great Beyond: A Practical Primer to Help You and Your Loved Ones Prepare Medically, Legally, and Emotionally for the End of Life, was published in February 2009.

For further information on The Friends of Nathaniel Witherell Fall Luncheon, please contact Scott Neff, Witherell’s Development Director, at (203) 618-4227 or sneff@friendsofwitherell.org.


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