When Greenwich Seniors Can’t Live at Home, They Make Their Home Here.

People often say that selecting a nursing home for a loved one is one of the most difficult decisions they’ve ever made. So, choosing the right home can mean all the difference for your loved one’s health and happiness. The goal is to find a safe, pleasant environment with a caring staff and solid medical practices. We believe that’s exactly what you will find at The Nathaniel Witherell. Here’s why:

Quality Care

A Top Rated Facility

The Nathaniel Witherell has been recognized as a “Top Nursing Home” by U.S. News & World Report. The Nathaniel Witherell is also recognized as a “Top Performing” facility for short-term rehabilitation. The rankings are based on sets of three claims-based outcomes —re-hospitalizations, discharge to the community, emergency department visits, staffing levels, resident complaints, flu vaccinations rates, and more.

Low Staff Turnover

Witherell has a staff turnover rate that is six times lower than the National nursing home average. This means we can assign our nurses consistently to serve specific residents. As a result, they get to know a resident well, and can often detect subtle changes in a resident’s condition, something that might not be picked up by a constantly changing staff. Equally important, it allows nurses to build rapport with the resident and family members.

Person Centered Care
Witherell is committed to “Person Centered Care.” Simply put, that means we have a culture that supports the long-term care autonomy and individual choices of our residents. We respect the residents’ desires to determine their daily routine including timing of services, menu choices, and dining times.

Wide Array of Services

At Witherell we do everything we can to help residents maintain a connection with the outside community and continue to enjoy a lifestyle as close as possible to the one they were accustomed to living. That’s why we provide an extensive array of services, including a gift shop, beauty salon, fine dining, recreational activities, and Chaplaincy services.

Caring Volunteers

Witherell residents also enjoy the support of a large volunteer group, a tradition going back over 60 years. Volunteers enhance the residents’ lives in many ways, escorting them to rehab or recreation programs, staffing the gift shop, caring for plants, facilitating worship services, and sharing their pets.

Knowledgeable Admissions Staff

Finally, our Admissions staff knows what it means to consider a skilled nursing facility. They stand ready to consult with you about the decision and to assist you with the process.