Surgical aftercare for hip, knee, shoulder, and joints

When you are admitted to The Nathaniel Witherell for short-term orthopedic rehab we give you a thorough physical and occupational evaluation. Our highly trained nursing staff conducts a clinical needs assessment to determine pain management and any wound care needs.

Your team includes your surgeon, attending physician, RN patient care coordinator, certified nursing assistants (CNA), and discharge planner. If you are admitted during weekdays through Saturday noon, you will receive rehab evaluations within 24 hours. The evaluation results in a prescribed individualized, coordinated treatment plan.

Once the plan is in place you will be assigned a primary physical and occupational therapist. The objective is to provide therapy until you reach your individual treatment goals. After a rest and refreshment period, you’ll have another session to promote endurance and function. If the plan calls for it, rehab sessions are available twice a day Monday through Friday, and once a day weekends and most holidays.

Therapy consists of:

  • manual therapy
  • joint manipulation
  • range of motion
  • muscle strengthening
  • gait and balance training
  • community re-entry training

Rehab equipment at the Nathaniel Witherell is state-of-the-art, ranging from Nu Step and Scifit to the latest Electrical Therapy System for ultra sound stimulation.

In addition, sufficient rest and refreshment are an essential part of any plan. A full time certified dietician supervises the preparation of your meals. Our overall goal is to get you back to your lifestyle as soon as possible.