Outpatient Rehab Program for Fairfield and Westchester Counties

Physical, occupational, and speech therapy are available on an outpatient basis at The Nathaniel Witherell. Unlike therapy that’s provided for a specific disease or injury or development disorder, these therapies help you to perform and adapt daily activities to improve your functional independence. 

Situations vary but since everyone has activities that help express who they are and what they like to do – whether they include activity at work, artistic expression, functioning in an educational environment, social life, recreation, or simple daily tasks –  we’ll help you to improve, rehabilitate, adapt, or simply maintain your motor skills. The goal is to help you to take care of yourself, work, move outside of your home, meet with other people – whatever the specific circumstance. 

Therapy can include (but is not limited to):

  • Re-training of everyday skills (getting dressed, preparing food, managing the household)
  • Learning and practicing skills for school, work or free time
  • Movement and perception exercises
  • Concentration and memory exercises
  • Manual and creative exercises
  • Help in structuring your daily routine
  • Modification of your home or workplace
  • Using medical aids such as a walker or prosthesis
  • Advice and, if needed, guidance for family members