Quality Care

A “Best Nursing Home” In Connecticut!

We are honored that The Nathaniel Witherell was once again named a “Top Nursing Home” by U.S. News & World Report for 2017-18. U.S. News evaluated more than 15,000 homes nationwide, across each state and in 100 major metropolitan areas. This year, just over 2,000 nursing homes earned the designation, representing about 13 percent of all homes. Witherell was among 65 nursing homes out of the 216 evaluated in Connecticut to be included.

Low Turnover Rate = Continuity and Stability

Our low staff turnover rate is one of the principal reasons for the compassionate care environment that prevails at Witherell. It permits consistent assignments of nurses to specific residents. This fosters accountability and allows our nursing staff to detect subtle changes in the condition of a resident that can be addressed immediately. The staff can also build a rapport with family members.

The Witherell annual nursing staff turnover is 7% compared to an average for nursing homes Nationally of 46% as reported by AARP. Our staff turnover rate is more than 6 times lower than the National nursing home average. Many of the nurses at Witherell have worked there between 10 and 30 years. That says a lot about our stability and continuity.

Quality of Clinical Care

We measure the quality of clinical care at The Nathaniel Witherell by comparing Witherell’s scores to state and federal scores compiled by Medicare for 34 monitored outcomes. These include use of medications, presence of pressure sores, behavior and emotional patterns, accidents, pain management, infection control, nutrition, physical function and other measurable clinical outcomes. Witherell’s scores are significantly better than both state and federal results in most measured categories. In the areas where we don’t equal or exceed state or federal levels, we have in place action plans to better understand and improve scores.

Person Centered Care

At Witherell we are committed to a concept known as “Person Centered Care.” This term means that we respect our residents’ desires to determine their daily routine including the timing of services, menu choices, and dining times. It also means there are no set visiting hours. Family and pets are always welcome and snacks and drinks are available 24 hours a day. Our residents are able to keep in touch with the community through out trips for recreation, spiritual events, art shows, and music programs provided by our volunteers.

We have found that supporting individual choice along with providing consistent assignments and solid medical practices creates the kind of environment where our residents enjoy living and our staff wants to stay.

Fine Dining

We believe that good food and optimal dining are a major part of enjoying your Witherell experience. To read about our person centered menus and dining services, click here.

Following are some additional features of Person Centered Care:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet Services
  • Resident education program with physician
  • Exercise classes
  • Internal beepers to reduce noise in facility
  • Clothing store for resident shopping
  • Chaplaincy and spiritual care
  • Memorial services for residents, volunteers, family members
  • Reflections in art and travelling classes
  • Volunteer newsletter


Owned and Operated by the Town of Greenwich

The Witherell is a 202-bed rehab and skilled nursing center serving the short-term rehab and long-term care needs of the Greenwich Community. As a not-for-profit municipally owned rehab and skilled nursing center, we have not been subjected to the frequent change of management companies and other demands that lead to high turnover rates. Equally important, Town ownership is one of the reasons we are able to attract hundreds of volunteers who contribute so much to the lives of Witherell residents.

therapist Greenwich
Witherell physical therapists Theo Guico (left) and Lorenzo Mastrangelo shown holding letters from Rose Marie Dealbert

“The physical therapy was excellent and the environment was professional, caring, and happy. I was very well cared for and felt like I was part of the family.”

Rose Marie Dealbert, Greenwich, CT • Learn more