Residents In the Spotlight:  Author & Illustrator, Carolyn Moynihan

Residents In the Spotlight: Author & Illustrator, Carolyn Moynihan

From Kipling to Emerson, writers have long found inspiration for their tales from nature. For Carolyn Moynihan—author, artist, and Nathaniel Witherell resident—inspiration struck when a chipmunk skittered across her path while on a walk with her daughter. From that encounter, an idea for a children’s book series was born.

Carolyn wrote the first in the series, Journey to the Great Pond, as an adventure story with an Aesop’s fable-like lesson for children. The tale featured an adorable chipmunk, of course, as well as his bunny buddies. Carolyn wrote and illustrated the book with whimsical watercolor renderings of the characters and their experiences. She then went on to write the second book, The Edge of the Woods. Both books offer valuable lessons for children about accepting others’ differences. Carolyn is also the author of a suspense novel entitled, Skullduggery.

“I had a ball writing them,” says Carolyn. While at the Witherell, she has continued to paint and has amassed a portfolio of over 20 watercolor paintings. She also plays piano in the Auditorium and enjoys the many musical performances at the Witherell.

Carolyn Moynihan was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana. She was graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in art, history, and English. After living in Tucson for several years, she moved East with her husband and taught high school art classes in Oneonta, NY for 21 years. Carolyn has two daughters, both Greenwich residents, and one grandchild.

Throughout her life, Carolyn has always painted and played piano. Her favorite artistic medium is watercolor painting. Yet, she always hoped a story idea would come to her one day, and it did. When that charming little chipmunk appeared, her second career as an author and illustrator was launched.

When asked what advice would she offer to aspiring young artists, she says, “Follow your dreams!”

Carolyn continues to find joy in music and the arts at the Witherell every day, and brings others joy by sharing her talents.



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