Spotlight on Marie Norton: A Witherell Success Story


Marie Norton at a recent reception in the Witherell Rose Garden.

Greenwich resident Marie Norton didn’t think twice about where to go for rehab after suffering an aortic dissection (tear) followed by a stroke last year. “I knew I was going to go to the Nathaniel Witherell as it’s highly respected by the community, and I knew a lot of people who had been there and were very pleased,” says Norton.

In her former career as a banker, Norton had visited many local nursing homes to notarize various documents. She observed that Witherell appeared to be a very friendly place and that patients there seemed happier than at most other such residences. “At some of the other places, people were just staring at the walls. That didn’t happen at the Witherell. Patients were always alert and engaged in activities,” she recalls.

After her stroke, Norton arrived at the Witherell, confined to a hospital bed and wheelchair. The entire left side of her body was seriously weakened. Megan Bodeur,  a physical therapist at Witherell, says, “When Marie was admitted, she was on a feeding tube, she had no voice, and she could barely stand. But, she had a positive attitude and was very determined.”

In her four months at Witherell’s short-term rehab, Norton received intensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. “The entire team here was cheering her on and coaching her through rehab, applauding her at every milestone. She also had a very involved and supportive family, which we highly encourage at the Witherell,” says Bodeur.

By the end of her stay at the Witherell, Norton was eating on her own, walking well, and climbing up and down stairs. “My physical therapist held my hand and we actually ran down the corridor together,” she says.

Last Christmas Eve, when she finally headed home, the left side of her body showed almost no sign of damage from the stroke. Today, Norton is completely back on her feet – driving, shopping, and enjoying her independence. “The staff at the Nathaniel Witherell gave me the confidence to do all that; that’s really what rehab is all about,” she says. “The rehab at the Witherell is really the best in town. It doesn’t get any better. There’s no equal when it comes to staff. They are truly professional and caring.”



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