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The Witherell Has Gone to the Dogs (and Cats and Birds)!

Dementia Care | 0 comments | by Harrison Edwards

We all remember our first pet. Even as we age, memories of our childhood pets remain, long after dates, places, and faces fade from recall. For residents at the Nathaniel Witherell, those fond connections to companionship are renewed often through the Witherell’s Pet Therapy Program. The Witherell has always been a place where pets are…

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When Love Blooms: Navigating New Senior Connections

Alzheimer's | 0 comments | by Harrison Edwards

When elderly parents or spouses enter a skilled nursing facility, they are bound to form new friendships. But what happens when that friendship blossoms into something more? As new romantic relationships form between elderly adults, spouses and adult children can feel betrayed and concerned. If their loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or…

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