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The Witherell Adds New Physiatrist Service to Enhance Recovery and Well-Being

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A “physiatrist” is a physician not be confused with a “psychiatrist” or a “physicist.” A physiatrist is a doctor who helps patients recover faster from an injury or surgery by maximizing their physical and psychological potential. They use a variety of techniques to help minimize pain that can include exercise, injections, medication, prosthetics, physical therapy…

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The Journey to Recovery Starts at Nathaniel Witherell

Orthopedic Rehab | 0 comments | by Harrison Edwards

Sustaining a fracture is painful and recovery is often a long road. When you’re 93 years old, that journey can be even more difficult. But, Ann Selden, who was an avid golfer at 93 years of age when she fractured her femur while golfing last July, wanted to get back in the swing. She got…

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