‘Twas the Day After Christmas and Oh, What a Fright, I Put on More Weight — ‘Twas not a Good Sight…


…But visions of sugar plums still danced in my head, and cookies, and cakes, and sweet buttered bread.

Oh, what shall I do when I see a big platter, and think that more turkey really won’t matter?

Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all! I needed advice, so the Witherell I called.

And here’s what they told me in words oh so sweet, “Be careful and smart about all that you eat.”

And with that advice I begin the New Year, and share these few thoughts with those I hold dear:


  1. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, calorie consumption typically increases. But when trying to shed the new pounds, don’t try to go cold turkey. Instead, avoid adding sugar to your diet for 72 hours, long enough for your tastebuds to readjust.

  1. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh fruit; you can dip strawberries in melted (dark) chocolate to help curb your sugar cravings. Or, you can make a smoothie with bananas, dates, a teaspoon of vanilla, and yogurt.


  1. Instead of soda, make yourself a cup of fruit tea and add some spices, ginger and an artificial sweetener.


  1. If you love white bread or other such refined carbs, try limiting their consumption by turning to breads made from whole grain. Substitute white rice with brown rice or quinoa. Carbs turn to sugar in your body.

  1. Skip the booze, as it, too, turns to sugar in your body. But if you must indulge, then stick to a small glass of wine or a light beer. Creative mocktails made from fruit juice and club soda can also help.


  1. Eat protein, especially at breakfast, as it helps keep blood sugar stable.


  1. Don’t rely heavily on sugar substitutes in your coffee such as Splenda and Equal. Instead, add a little cinnamon, which has a natural, subtly sweet taste and no calories.

  1. Try this for a snack: a bowl of sliced banana mixed with a handful of grapes, raisins, mixed nuts, and a few slices of apples. It’s filling, naturally sweet, and delicious.


For more tips, check Prevention magazine’s article about how to cut back on sugar. Click here.

For information about nutrition for you or your loved one, contact Briana Johnson, the Witherell’s Nutrition Care Supervisor, at Briana.Johnson@Witherell.org or call 203-618-4211.




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